Luftbild Zahara

Lern surfing between to Continents!

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Surfschool in Zahara de los Atunes

The beach of Zahara de los Atunes is a paradise where you can walk barefoot in your most comfortable clothes. The sunny warm climate, the good waves, the disconnection of information and the peaceful atmosphere of the town of Zahara will combine in a magical place to disconnect from your daily life.

We love to surf because it is an amazing experience to be able to catch a wave. We have seen many people who change their lives and re-appreciate the meaning of life.

It is a place to be yourself and live together with people who will be part of your daily adventure, the biggest problem here is not the economy, it is not the global crisis, nor how to get to the end of the month is simply asking Other people like the waves on the beach or hear the stories of other travelers, where there is a party tonight?

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Yours Jon and Natalie

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